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A New Year’s Eve[ry British Feature Film 2009]

December 31, 2008

A happy new year to everyone and welcome to my blog. From tomorrow I will attempt to go to the cinema to watch every British feature film that goes on general release between the first of January and the thirty-first of December 2009. I would guess that there are many fortysomethings such as myself who have stopped going to the cinema as much as they used to do. I probably only go two or three times a year but I still watch lots of films – probably more newish films than ever in the past, but at home, on DVD. Using the Lovefilm online rental service I watch about forty films a year (see the list below). Thus, a tweak in lifestyle is being attempted – to go out more, while also still staying in with the DVDs.

What is it going to be like watching the latest films, the newest films as soon as they are available? What is the state of British film? Is the cinema experience something to be valued? How much is it going to cost me? Will it be a healthy ‘diet’ of films?

Films rented from Lovefilm during 2008

  1. The Science of Sleep
  2. The Lives of Others
  3. The Last King of Scotland
  4. Stranger Than Fiction
  5. The Page Turner 
  6. And When Did You Last See Your Father?
  7. Control  
  8. The Golden Door 
  9. The Good German 
  10. Jindabyne 
  11. My Best Friend 
  12. This is England 
  13. Factory Girl 
  14. Once 
  15. Michael Clayton 
  16. The Painted Veil 
  17. Klimt 
  18. Sweeney Todd 
  19. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
  20. The Kite Runner 
  21. You Kill Me 
  22. Storytelling 
  23. Eagle vs Shark 
  24. Moliere  
  25. Perfume
  26. The Illusionist 
  27. Goya’s Ghosts 
  28. He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not
  29. La Vie en Rose 
  30. In the Valley  of Elah
  31. Lust, Caution 
  32. A Mighty Heart
  33. There Will Be Blood 
  34. Juno  
  35. Sex and the City 
  36. Into the Wild  
  37. The Magic Flute 
  38. The Darjeeling Limited
  39. Rendition 
  40. Interview