Going Out Week 3: Clubbed and My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Wednesday is going to be the hot day for me in the cinema this week. I plan to watch two films tomorrow. This may be the start of a new side project – to watch all the 3-D film releases in 2009, because I think that it is going to be quite a significant year for digital 3-D technology. This sudden bunching of going out reflects narrowed opportunities in terms of personal travel arrangements and free time. Practically, Wednesday is the only night I can see Clubbed and the afternoon is the only time for My Bloody Valentine 3-D, to which I have invited the first year students to come along and experience the new technology for themselves.

This will involve a couple of firsts for me. Clubbed (7pm screening) is on at the City Cinema , Abbey Street, Leicester – never been there before (my cinema-going has been habitually elsewhere), and My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2.25 screening) is on at the newly opened Cinema de Lux, Highcross, Leicester. You may see me there, or if not, in my lower moments you may find me daydreaming of being recognised in the street as ‘The Every British Film Man’ and a ‘come and get me offer’ from the new Richard & Judy show.




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