UK New Film Releases Week 5: 30 January- 5 February 2009

  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 5 [14% of total film releases]
  • New British Fictional Feature Films (Released in 2009) Watched in the Cinema  in 2009- 2
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 37
  • The film releases in the UK on Friday 30 January 2009 are:

    • Barry Lyndon (UK, re-issue)
    • The Broken (Sean Ellis, 2007, FRA/UK) #5 British release 2009
    • Luck by Chance (IND)
    • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (USA)
    • Revolutionary Road (Sam Mendes, 2007, USA/UK) NOT CERTIFIED BRITISH RELRASE
    • Tokyo Sonata (JAP/NETH/HK)

    [Source: Film Distributors’ Association, Variety, IMDB, BritFilms]

    We could easily call this week’s releases a ‘rag bag’ perhaps dominated by the award winning and nominated US-UK co-production Revolutionary Road. According to BritFilms this is an official British film, and one that began with BBC Films but has very much become a DreamWorks/Paramount Vantage property. Mr and Mrs Winslet-Mendes headline the British contribution to this distinctly American literary adaptation (DID NOT RECEIVE A BRITISH PRODUCTION CERTIFICATION).


    In the rest of the bag – a postmodern Jean-Claude Van Damme, a re-issue, a bit of Bollywood, an American teen movie, a Japanese family drama, and most interestingly a French-British chiller (The Broken) with a very low profile and split critical reception – everything from ‘masterpiece’ to ‘as it progressed, it became more and more absurd, to the point of me staring at the screen, dumbstruck, when it finally ended’. The Broken has a higher than average British budget (£4m) largely support by Gaumont in France. There doesn’t seem to be a British website, but I could find the Japanese and French sites:



    It doesn’t seem to be showing anywhere in the East Midlands – so likely to turn up in the art cinema sometime, maybe, somewhere. So many screens, but limited access to little British films. The list of films to see is stacking up.


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