Cinema Shows Week 7: The Secret of Moonacre, 14th February 2009, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

  • British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 7
  • British Fictional Feature Films (Released in 2009) Watched in the Cinema  in 2009- 4
  • Ticket Outlay £13.97.5  (on British feature films released in 2009)
  • brewery_arts-cinema_kendal_1402091

    Managing to keep over a 50% success rate (lack of success rate?) in watching British films in the cinema with a trip to  see The Secret of Moonacre at Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, and visiting a different cinema each time (unlikely to keep this going forever though). I’ve now watched four British films of 2009 in four different cinemas:

    • Slumdog Millionaire – Freemen’s Park Odeon, Leceister
    • Clubbed – City Cinema, Leicester
    • Revolutionary Road – Reel, Loughborough
    • The Secret of Moonacre – Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

    I wouldn’t normally be found in the cinema when staying ‘up North’ with so much countryside to be out in, but the film was on, so we (Chris and I) went in. The Brewery is a hub of creative activity as discovered when we took a wrong turning into the theatre packed with families and young children. Once rescued by the usher we took our place with a dozen or so others in one of the three screens (‘biggest releases plus world cinema and art-house films’) on site.


    For a moment there, I thought I had stumbled upon popular British cinema. The most expensive (and pictorial) ticket so far, but still averaging less than £3.50 per screening. The audience was young girls, kids and parents, so as a couple without children we added to the universality of the audience. As a ‘U’, the film aims to appeal to all, but may in fact end up satisfying no one. I couldn’t see what would appeal to adults or children. A couple of girls two rows in front were galed of laughter by Julet Stevenson’s (‘straightlaced governess’ Miss Heliotrope) violent eruptions of trapped wind, but it wasn’t very enchanting, magical or adventurous. Most effort seemed to have been given to the striking costumes. The evil De Noir clan who lived in the forest were an interesting bunch with youngsters looking like hippy-‘droogs’ and a camp Tim Curry in a gimp mask.


    There has been a big effort to get the film into nearly 400 sites, but unsurprisingly without great success. The site average gross takings for the film’s second weekend (13-15 February) is a meagre £325.


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