UK New Film Releases Week 11: 13 March – 19 March 2009

  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 12  [13% of total film releases]
  • New British Fictional Feature Films (Released in 2009) Watched in the Cinema in 2009- 6
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 91
  • If you want to see new films this week , the choices are:

    • Alone (Issiz Adam) (TUR)
    • Bronson (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2008, UK) #11 British release 2009
    • The Burning Plain (USA)
    • Hush (Mark Tonderai, 2007, UK) #12 British release 2009 
    • In the City of Sylvia (SP)
    • Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (AUS)
    • Wonderful Town (THAI)

    Unusually, just a single Hollywood film out this week (writer Guillermo Arriaga turns director for The Burning Plain). Otherwise mostly international films and two more British releases. This would now have to be described as a rush – 4 British films in a fortnight. Another low budget horror film creeps out, but not around here. Hush  follows quietly on the heels of Reverb and last year’s Mum and Dad – a definite trend in the bargain basement of British film production. Caged women in the back of trucks on the M1 anyone?


    Bronson is a noisier, controversial arrival. Planning to see Bronson tomorrow (5.20) at the Cinema De Lux in Leicester and then The Young Victoria at The Regal, Melton Mowbray on Thursday (5.45). What a wonderful contrast! Two glamourised biopics – a dehumanised convict and a humanised monarch, class and underclass. Should be an interesting week.



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