UK New Film Releases Week 15: 10 April – 16 April 2009


  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 19 [15% of total film releases]
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 128
  • The UK  film release schedule for the week commencing 10 April 2009 is:

    • 17 Again (USA)
    • The 400 Blows (FR) Re-issue
    • 50 Dead Men Walking (Kari Skogland, 2008, UK/CAN) #19 British release 2009
    • Fast and Furious (USA)
    • Let The Right One  In (SWE)
    • Race To Witch Mountain (USA) 
    • Tera Mera Ki Rishta (IND)
    • Tony Manero (CHILE/BRAZIL)
    • Crank 2: High Voltage (USA) 16 April

    No place at Easter on Leicester screens for the latest British feature film release, 50 Dead Men Walking (a terrible title?). Unusual to have a British action thriller, but more typically a film based ‘on a true story’. After British football of the 1970s and pirate radio of the 1960s in recent weeks, we now have Belfast in the 1990s. A topical subject matter, a popular genre, fairly decent budget, but no show.



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    One Response to “UK New Film Releases Week 15: 10 April – 16 April 2009”

    1. Chris Wells Says:

      I too am looking for a cinema for this (I agree) awful titled, but interesting film!

      I did see US Crank 2, and it is one of the most remarkabley insanely kinetic pieces of cinema, it is the most wonderfully OTT films I have ever seen. It even beats the first one, and is a great example of something fighting off ‘bad sequel syndrome’.

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