UK New Film Releases Week 20: 15 May – 21 May 2009

  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 29 [17% of total film releases]
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 167
  • The UK  film release schedule for the week commencing 15 May 2009 is:

    • Fighting (USA)
    • French Film (Jackie Oudney, 2007, UK) #29  British release 2009
    • Synecdoche, New York (USA)
    • Viva (USA)
    • Night at the Museum 2 (USA) 20 May

    We approach 30 British films released in 2009, but the supply to Leicester has really been drying up in recent weeks. And so no place for French Film this week. But there are not many new films at all, and only one new film (apart from Angels and Demons, released 14 May) is available here – Fighting, a film about fighting. It seems we are in need of a film about underground street fighting in New York, but not a British ‘comedy about love’ (starring Eric Cantona as a French film director). So, no new British films to see this week. I am surprised, or maybe disappointed, that Synecdoche, New York isn’t on somewhere. This is screenwriter Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut having previouslyworked with Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry. I can’t think of a similar group of film-makers who are making quirky films or creating a buzz. Like Kaufman, Jackie Oudney is making a feature film directorial debut, and this is one of the trends of British cinema. I wish her well, but she isn’t being helped by a dreadful website.


    I can’t help wondering if there is a French film director out there somewhere about to make their start in cinema by making a ‘comedy about gangsters’ called Film Britannique starring Vinnie Jones.



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