Cinema Shows Week 16: Monsters Vs Aliens 3D, 23rd April 2009, Odeon Freemans Park, Leicester


  • Number of 3D films watched in the cinema in 2009 – 3
  • Ticket Outlay on 3D films – £22.40

A strange atmosphere at the Odeon – not many people around, tills roped off and had to get the ticket from the snacks counter. There was only one other person in the cinema to see Monsters vs Aliens, the third 3D release of the year. Perhaps we should have sat together. These big empty cinemas can make you feel lonely. Starting to build a nice collection of RealD 3D glasses. Maybe I should start recycling and bring an old pair rather than using a new one. That would be greener, but less good value for money. I don’t think Monsters vs Aliens is as funny as Bolt and it feels tipped more towards adults. It references 50s monster movies and simulates those SFX-laden superhero films that are so prominent at the moment. In terms of 3D, it has plenty of things flying out of the screen, but the best bits are when you get more static use of the space in front of the screen, such as when General Monger is hovering in his jet pack.



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