Cinema Shows Week 19: Coraline 3D, 13th May 2009, Odeon Freemans Park, Leicester

Total Ticket Outlay (on 4 3D feature films released in 2009) – £29.60


With no new British films available to see in Leicester this week I was at least able to keep the 3D cinema side project going. Coraline is the fourth 3D film to be released in the UK after My Bloody Valentine, Bolt, and Monsters vs Aliens. Coraline‘s novelty is that it is the first stop-motion animated feature film to be made in 3D. I have to confess that the style of the animation linked to the gothic childhood fantasy of Neil Gaiman’s is not my kind of thing and I felt like the film created its own twilight zone of appeal between something that was not dark enough for adults and not enchanting enough for children. But I did like the jumping mice circus.

I also feel that the 3D doesn’t add much to the experience. Without having compared it to the 2D version, I sense that the depth is exaggerated, and interestingly the film doesn’t use much of the gimmicky pointing things out of the screen stuff you normally get with 3D. But if you don’t bring the action out of the screen there might be a perception that the 3D isn’t adding value. The greater sense of depth might not be enough to convince people that 3D films are a premium experience for which they have to pay more for their tickets. Still searching for that great 3D experience that will make it a long lasting and valued part of film grammar.



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