UK New Film Releases Week 24: 12 June – 18 June 2009


  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 39 [19% of total film releases]
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 204
  • If you want to see British films this week, the UK  film release schedule for the week commencing 12 June 2009 is:

    • Doghouse (Jake West, 2009, UK) #36 British release 2009
    • The End Of The Line (UK) Documentary
    • The Hangover (USA)
    • The Last house On The Left (USA)
    • Looking For Eric (Ken Loach, 2009, UK/FR/IT/BEL) #37 British release
    • New Town Killers (Richard Jobson, 2008, UK) #38 British release 2009
    • Red Cliff (CHI)
    • Soi Cowboy (Thomas Clay, 2008, Thai/UK) #39 British release 2009

    A big week for British film and possibly fish. Marketing for the British environmental documenatry The End of the Line asks us to ‘Imagine a world without fish’. That’s gonna use up a lot of imagination. Four new British feature films this week – but only Doghouse and Looking For Eric on in Leicester.


    Yet another example of male anxiety about women in British comedy horror.

    A new Ken Loach film is always an event, and good to see that it is showing at the multiplexes and not just in the art houses.


    Also on release this week is Richard Jobson’s New Town Killers and Thomas Clay’s (unfortunately no relation)  Soi Cowboy.

    soi cowboynew town killers

    Both films look interesting writer-directer productions – an urban thriller and an arty film about Thai prostitutes. New Town Killers has a theme song and music video also directed by Richard Jobson who was in the Scottish band The Skids, but it doesn’t appear to have a website, and neither does Soi Cowboy.

    Don’t forget to spend some time thinking about a world without fish – cover up the aquarium for starters.


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