UK New Film Releases Week 25: 19 June – 25 June 2009


  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 42 [20% of total film releases]
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 211
  • The UK  film release schedule for the week commencing 19 June 2009 is:

    • Beyond The Fire (Maeve Murphy, 2008, UK) #40 British release 2009
    • The Disappeared (Johnny Kevorkian, 2008, UK) #41 British release 2009
    • Gigantic (USA)
    • Katyn (POL)
    • North By Northwest (USA) Reissue
    • Telstar (Nick Moran, 2008, UK) #42 British release 2009
    • Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (USA)

    Another flurry of new British releases for this particular week, but all bypassing Leicester. I think Telstar was shown in Loughborough, and was only at 33 cinemas nationwide (compared to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 516 cinemas) while Beyond the Fire and The Disappeared only seem to be showing in the ICA ‘New British Cinema’ season. New British Cinema for those living in London then. Plenty of films, but limited release.

    beyond the fire

    Beyond The Fire, a film about the damaged sexuality of two sexually abused people seems to have split opinion. It won Best UK Feature Film at the London Independent Film Festival and yet Catherine Bray on the Channel 4 Film site describes it as “Achingly embarrassing to watch in so many ways”. Telstar may suffer from being stagey and low budget in its attempt to recreate the early sixties London pop music production culture, and The Disappeared may not be a disappointing low-budget debut, but it is disappointingly not appearing.

    the disappeared


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