Cinema Shows Week 20: In The Loop, 18th May 2009, Phoenix, Leicester

Total Ticket Outlay (on 15 British feature films released in 2009) – £63.30

in the loop ticket

At last, finding some time to log some visits to the cinema, now several months passed. In The Loop seemed to take a while to get to Leicester, but in the end waited for it to come to the Phoenix. The plus side of screenings at (the now closed) Phoenix is that you are nearly always guaranteed quite a large audience, which is unlike many of the screenings that I go to at the multiplexes in the late afternoon or early evenings where there can be less than a dozen people. Probably about 60-80 in for the show, elderly, middle-class. The problem with television adaptation is that it can feel like you are watching a big television screen rather than watching something which is cinematic, and this particular expansion of the BBC’s The Thick Of It is no exception. It is carried almost entirely by Peter Capaldi’s wonderfully outrageous rants and one-liners as foul-mouthed government civil servant Malcolm Tucker – a more respectable disrespectful version of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown.




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