Cinema Shows Week 21: Tormented, 27th May 2009, Odeon Freemans Park, Leicester, Awaydays, 28th May 2009, CDL, Leicester



Better watch out
There’s no way to stop it now
You can’t escape
It’s too late
Look what you’ve done
There’s no place that you can run
The monsters made
We must pray
Maybe nature has a plan
To control the ways of man
He must start from scratch again
Many battles must he win
til he earns his place on earth
Like the other creatures do
Will there be a happy end
Now that all depends on you
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature

(‘Supernature’, Cerrone)

Total Ticket Outlay (on 17 British feature films released in 2009) – £75.25


tormented ticket 

An interesting mix of youth movies this particular week. First of all a teen horror movie aimed at the Skins generation – which isn’t me. I was, maybe slightly, uncomfortably the oldest person in the theatre. Small groups of school kids, and students having late fast lunches. It seemed to go down well with one or two screams. As an attempt to transpose the American high school slasher movie to a British secondary school I thought that it worked quite well – but I was disappointed by the supernatural killer. The other thing that struck me was the prominent safe sex message in the teenagers’s use of condoms. Bless British social conscience!

awaydays ticket 

The next day I had to attend a very late screening (10:25pm) of Awaydays. I regarded this as an intriguing prospect and wondered what the audience might be for late night cinema. It looked like I might be alone for a while, but then I was joined by a couple of young couples, and I wasn’t sure whether or not they had just wandered off the streets for somewhere to prolong their dates, or whether this was a pre-planned part of their night out. I should have asked, but I didn’t.



For me the film had great personal resonance, more so in terms of the general post-punk Northern setting than the specific football casuals scene. To those younger people in the audience it must have seemed as distant and other as teddy boys are to me. Thirty years is a long time in subculture history. My lasting memory of the experience, however, is how I left the cinema with a peculiar physical and psychological effect. I strode into the cityscape upright, feeling tough and at least two inches taller than normal. Anticipating trouble round any corner I was ready for a ruck. I would have not backed down but walked into some kind of cathartic destiny – but I made it to the Renault Clio without trouble. No danger.

The outlaw stance is so pedantic
Hate the world, it’s so romantic

(‘Young Savage’, Ultravox)



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