Cinema Shows Week 32: The Taking Of Pelham 123, 10th August 2009, Odeon Freemans Park, Leicester

taking of pelham 123

Total Ticket Outlay (on 23 British feature films released in 2009) – £102.67.5

One of the earliest shocking images of cinema was when a cowboy pointed a gun at the audience in The Great Train Robbery (1903):

great train robbery

Did the audience duck and startle? Over a hundred years later Tony Scott continues the visceral assault on the senses with his high tech and doubtful US-UK co-production. The audience on this afternoon in August was about a dozen, mostly older couples I think. Why were they here on a summer’s day? Were they thrilled? It seemed all surface and gloss, though John Travolta and Denzel Washington are perfect as nasty and nice.

pelham ticket


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