UK New Film Releases Week 37: 11 September – 17 September 2009

fish tank banner

  • New British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 57 [18% of total film releases]
  • Total Film Releases in the UK in 2009 – 316
  • The UK  film release schedule for the week commencing 11 September 2009 is:

    • Adventureland (USA)
    • Baabarr (IND)
    • Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold, 2009, UK) #55 British feature film release 2009
    • Julie & Julia (USA)
    • Miss March: Generation Penetration (USA)
    • Morning Light (USA)
    • Reckoning Day (Julian Gilbey, 2002, UK) #56 British feature film release 2009
    • The September Issue (USA)
    • Shank (Simon Pearce, 2009, UK) #57 British feature film release 2009
    • Whiteout (USA)
    • The Thing (USA) Reissue 15 September
    Katie Jarvis as Mia in Andrea Arnold's new film Fish Tank

    Katie Jarvis as Mia in Andrea Arnold's new film Fish Tank

    The ‘tasteful’ literary adaptation of Dorian Gray creeps effortlessly into the local multiplexes, but in this regard it does not typify the majority of new British feature films. More typical is the low budget social realism of films such as Fish Tank and Shank or the ultra-low budget films such as Reckoning Day heading almost immediately to DVD, that are all released this week on very limited schedules. Of these, Fish Tank, a family melodrama set on an Essex council estate, has the highest profile thanks to the critical success of Andrea Arnold’s previous CCTV thriller Red Road. In contrast, the teen gang film Shank with its gay sexual themes has struggled for publicity and recognition.
    Finally, Reckoning Day is something different altogether and mainly gathering attention for a DVD release on 14 September – a ‘no-budget’  with a ‘mega-budget’ storyline (action thriller about international drugs gangs) picked up by Revolver Entertainment. Of interest are reports of a controversial advertising campaign involving the taking of the drug ‘Salvia’ which is likened to LSD and the fictional drug that is used in the film, including videos posted on YouTube.
    As yet I have not uncovered any reports of a controversial campaign for Dorian Gray where young Londoners are putting portraits of themselves in their attics in bizarre anti-aging experiments. Have the distributors missed a trick here?
    reckoning day 

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