Total British Fiction Feature Films 2009 Update

I had been working under the assumption that in 2009 there were 90 British fiction feature films given a thetarical release in 2009. This figure is obviously not definitive and I am now revising the figure upwards to 92 with the inclusion of Me And Orson Welles and Fantastic Mr Fox. I don’t recall any evidence at the time of their release that they were British and thought that they were both American co-productions but not officially categorised as British. It was following watching Me And Orson Welles recently on DVD and noticing that it is an Isle of Man production that I checked back on the UK Film Council box office archive and noticed that both Me And Orson Welles and Fantastic Mr Fox were being counted as British films:

Me And Orson Welles appears in the Brit Films catalogue  of British films, but Fantastic Mr Fox does not.  It is clear that I don’t have a definitive list, so this will have to be checked at some point.

But the current list now stands at 92 British fiction feature films released in the UK in 2009 and 39 films were ‘leftover’ for me to see in 2010 having missed them at the cinema.

My current ‘to see’ list now stands at 26 having caught up with 13 titles in 2010. My new target is to see the 92 films in 92 weeks, so that gives me until week 40 to see the rest – and get all the backlog of cinema shows from 2009 and DVD screenings from 2010 up on the blog.


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