Every British Feature Film 2009 is a blog authored by Andrew Clay. Andrew is Principal Lecturer in Critical Technical Practices at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. The blog is a project to study blogging by participant experience. This blog records Andrew’s attempt to go to the cinema to watch all the British feature films that go on general theatrical release during 2009. Is cinema a valuable social practice? What are the characteristics of British films? How easy is it to see British films in a region such as the East Midlands? For a fortysomething DVD-watcher, is going out the new staying in?


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Wez Merchant Says:

    Hi Andrew

    I hope you are well. I came across your Reckoning Day comments, a film I have been working on.

    Would you be interested in reviewing some DVD releases over the coming months? I can send you copies of them if you like?

    The first is Vinyan, which is at cinemas on Oct 2nd and on DVD Oct 5th, and the second is Just Another Love Story, released Oct 5th on DVD.

    It would be good to hear your thoughts



  2. nickcware Says:

    Hi Andrew, I liked your diary of this year, sadly I’ve only just discovered it. will mention it in my blog http://www.astermedia.co.uk. do the UK Film Council know about it? its a fascinating exercise in film distribution and finding audiences. Will you now carry it on?I wondered if you might extend it to getting access to all those releases in different form, and the information you can find about them. For example is Findy Any Film useful? when are DVDs (if any?) released, how long after theatric? and most important for me, how many are available for download on legal or illegal sites, and from when?

  3. Emma Batchelor Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    if it’s any help to you in your mission to see all the UK film releases,
    we are updating our mailing list as part of our new site launch to ensure we have the right people signed up to receive invitations to film previews. Please take a look around & sign-up at http://www.showfilmfirst.com. If you are already a member of See Film First your details will be the same on the new site. If not, please sign up!

    Anybody writing about film, sign up via this quick link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9XHLR3C to get access to previews and early updates on film information and materials!

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