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Cinema Shows Week 5: Revolutionary Road, 4th February 2009, Reel Cinema, Loughborough

February 8, 2009
  • British Feature Films (Fiction) Released in 2009 – 6
  • British Fictional Feature Films (Released in 2009) Watched in the Cinema  in 2009- 3
  • Ticket Outlay £8.47.5  (on British feature films released in 2009)
  • ‘Going Out’ [to the cinema] – 5 films
  • ‘Staying In’  [with rental DVDs] – 5 films
  • After not being able to see any new British film releases last week  it was good to at least get back out there again this week to see Revolutionary Road at the Reel cinema in Loughborough or was it Revoultionary Road?:


    I won’t let this little typo cloud my judgment about the cinema’s ‘operating philosophy’ as reported in an earlier post. It was clean, affordable and had the latest movies, the customer service was fine, the entertainment was real, there was nothing wrong with the projection or sound. However, there was some discomfort because Screen 1 was cold – yes, we picked the screening with the heating problems in the middle of the snowiest weather for 18 years. But with plenty of warning we went ahead and asked to be put in the warmest seat they had.


    It was not freezing – I didn’t need to keep a coat on – it was OK. We couldn’t huddle for warmth. There must only have been 50 people there in quite a large auditorium. It seems to me there are always 30-50 people anywhere at any time of day who are prepared to go to the cinema to see a particular film.

    The film was OK too. Quite theatrical I suppose, and plenty of vintage ties to admire. Afterwards a quick meal of pasta at the Red Lion, Rothley. Unlike staying in with the DVD (new media), when you can start and pause and eat when you want, going out to the cinema (old media) involves conforming to time constraints and schedules. This is not too restrictive – it seems to work out most times, and although it costs more to eat out, the ticket outlay so far is remarkably good value – three new British films seen for less than £9. Keeping it real on ‘Reel Wednesday’.